Double Doll: Turning Myself Upside Down


The title, Double Doll: Turning Myself Upside Down, comes from a pivotal experience in my life. I was only eight-years-old when I received a rag doll with a Navajo face and body on one end, an Anglo body on the other. The doll became a symbol for my journey into the world of the Navajo and the manifestation of a childhood prayer: Please God, turn me upside down and make me an Indian. My story is divided into three parts. The first two chronicle the early years that led to a life-changing event and the formation of a new business with a mission to promote American arts through the sale of Amish quilts and Navajo weavings. The last section tells of a learning time for me: lifelong customs and habits had to replaced with the mores of a new culture.

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