If we are faced with life challenges, we just can’t allow them to break us. We need to bend ‘till we’re ready to stand up again. Adversities are the biggest challenge that we need to hurdle in life. No matter what culture, life, and traditions we have, we are destined to face these obstacles. There is a Memoir Trilogy written to help people overcome their greatest adversities, in this article we are going to discover the top four tips on how we should face life’s huge challenges.


Acceptance of the Truth that Adversities Exists

If we won’t accept the truth that there are a lot of challenges in life, then we will never move forward. It is very important to accept the truth that no matter who and where we are, we NEED TO FACE CERTAIN PROBLEMS. We need to face the fact that adversities are part of life and we can’t avoid nor resist it. If you are faced with problems that concern family, job, financial, and relationship, just be strong and overcome it. No matter how you’ve well-planned your life, adversities will always come in your way, hence, accept the truth and be prepared.


Strengthen YOURSELF

Your first line of defense is yourself, that’s why you must cultivate it with courage, strength, and discipline. You should not let yourself down, because once you do, everything will fall into pieces. Make yourself aware that difficulties will always come in your way, that’s why you should be prepared. See to it that you are physically, emotionally, psychologically, mentally, and spiritually healthy. Once you’re able to build these, you will be invincible. In life that is full of uncertainties, you are your number one ally.


Stay Close With Your Family and Support System

From the beginning of our life, it is our family that is always there for us. If you are to face great difficulties in life, it is very important to maintain a healthy relationship with your family and loved ones. They will be the people that will pick up your broken pieces to make you whole again and able to fight. They will be the people that will feed your soul with encouragement and support. Most of the time, they are the very reason you need to overcome your life’s challenges. Build, protect, and know your support system, because you need them and they need you back.


What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger

No matter how many times you are bruised by life, you should not give up. It is because the more  you are hurt the tougher you get. If you are still alive after the last beating you had with life, then it only makes you stronger. If you look around you, there are a lot of inspiring stories of people from different parts of the world and they were able to inspire by overcoming their life’s most difficult challenges. Remember what Ernest Henley said in his “INVICTUS” poem, “I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.”

Be the best person you can be. With determination, resilience, and persistence you will be able to push past your life’s adversities and prevail. Thus, summon every strength that you have and be the Navajo Doll that lives through time.

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